By Dana Phillips.

You know coaching works.  You’ve reached a point where you feel stuck and want to hire a coach to get you moving again.  If you haven’t hired a coach before (or even if you have), you may be concerned about what you’re getting into and receiving value for your money.

Once you know a few insider tips about hiring a coach you will find tremendous satisfaction, increased clarity, and action plans to support your goals.

  1. Desire to move forward. If you are going to invest in a coach the first thing you can do is to make sure you’re ready for a change. You desire to move forward makes you a good candidate for coaching. Change requires you to give up some comfortable pieces of your life and embrace some that make you uncomfortable.  Are you ready?
  2. Think about the kind of coach you want. Take some time to ponder what you want to gain from coaching. There are many different kinds of coaches. Are you looking for accountability in your business? Leadership?  Time management?  Happiness?  Look for a coach that offers what you seek?
  3. Hire a professional coach. Credential coaches are trained to support you through core competencies such as listening, powerful questions, and direct communication. Think about this: would you rather have your cavities filled by a credentialed dentist or the receptionist in his office who has learned a lot about dentistry by experience? Would you prefer to be coached by someone trained to coach or someone who learned to “coach” from the “school of life”?  Anybody can claim to be a coach.  Find out if they are trained to be one.  BTW: All Team Connections coaches have professional certification.
  4. Ask for a discovery call. Professional coaches are more than willing to conduct a first session with you to see if you are a good fit. This session is usually inexpensive or sometimes free. If you don’t feel a good connection with the coach in the discovery session, request a referral.
  5. Ask for references. Every great coach has people who will give them testimonials. Ask for recommendations and follow-up with them. You can ask what kind of results they received from coaching.

Entering into a coaching relationship can be a rewarding experience. Using these few tips can help you to find the right coach for you. What questions do you have about coaching?

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