By Neil Phillips

We are writing a book about you!  The “you” that we’re talking about are successful direct sellers.  Over the years, we have discovered something you do that makes you SO successful.  You connect with people.

You do more than just say hello to everyone.  The best part of our discovery is how successful connectors become.  By just about any measure you can think of, they succeed.  And the more they connect, the more successful they become–their teams get larger, their sales get higher, and they are happier!  Michael Lee Stafford calls connecting “The competitive advantage of identity, empathy, and understanding at work.”

You connect in ways that we cannot even imagine, which is why we are asking you to help us write this book.  We want your insights on what you do to connect with your company, your team, and your customers.  Your stories will write the book on what it means to connect in the direct selling profession.

We want you to share our vision on this.  Can you see a book with over a hundred specific ideas of how to connect?  You will see ideas that have been weighed, measured, and shiny as gold!  You will read how successful people share their vision and execute it.  You will find out how top leaders create a voice that’s heard. And you will find the value in connecting that they have.

We WANT to collect your ideas.  If you are excited to share, drop a note to, and we will arrange a brief interview to give you a chance to talk.  As ideas start to accumulate, we will be posting them on our Facebook page and in our Facebook group.

We will also be sharing more on this blog about the values of connecting.  We will share more on the competitive advantages of connecting.  We will talk about some of the scientific evidence of the benefits of connecting.  And, of course, we will start to share some of the tips and wildly successful ideas are being shared with us.

Ready to start?  We need you!  Please think about how you can contribute and email or text to Neil.