About Neil Phillips

I'm one of the lucky people who gets up every day loving what he does. I coach. I get to support people who want to take control of their future happiness and livelihood. I help them get the best out of what they have. My hope is that you will find some of your passion in these articles.

Two Non-Squishy Reasons for Gratitude

By Neil Phillips. This is the time of year when you read a lot about finding your sources of gratitude and expressing an attitude of [...]

You Need to Take a Break

In Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, the very last one is called the “Principles of Balanced Self-Renewal.”  More commonly, it is known [...]

Living Your Attitude of Gratitude

Three words seem to be bubbling up everywhere this week:  grateful, thankful, and appreciative.  Most of us want to live by these more often in [...]

Thriving Through The Holidays

By Neil Phillips. You really can't do it all.  You never have enough of you to go around. The 24 hour day is not long [...]

Coaching to Create a Well Defined Vision

By Neil Phillips. Every single leadership book I read, and I read a lot of them, points to vision, seeing where you are going, as [...]

Growing My Leadership

By Neil Phillips. When direct selling leaders talk about growing their leadership, they are very practical.  They say things like: I want more people on [...]

Comments That You Hate to See on Facebook

By Neil Phillips. I sometimes wonder what some direct sellers are thinking as they make their Facebook posts.  Just imagine what you would say if [...]

Repeat after me: I have the power!

By Neil Phillips. When my children were young (very young) one of their favorite cartoon shows was “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.”  While [...]

Don’t Ya Just Hate

By Neil Phillips. Let’s face it.  We spend too much time scrolling through Facebook like a maniac.  The more we scroll, the more likely we [...]

Are You Ready for Facebook Changes?

By Neil Phillips. You’ve heard the old expression, “If you don’t do anything different, you won’t get anything different.”  Well, it’s wrong.  That expression works [...]