By Dana Phillips.

If you don’t have one, it is time for you to set up a Facebook group (Facebook discourages people from pitching business opportunities on their personal profiles).

We recommend you start by creating a “Group” page. Facebook’s “Groups” functionality is a great way to build a sense of unity among your customers or Team. You can use a group to share ideas, highlight new product releases, give recognition, and motivate each other. Groups also allow you to provide your customers or team members with excellent customer service and support.

  • A group can be a private place (by invitation only) compared to a Page that is visible to anyone on Facebook. You can, however, open your group up to everyone by changing the privacy settings if that is what you’d prefer.
  • You can provide a central resource with answers to commonly asked questions, incentives and promotions, training ideas, and more. You can interact with your customers or team members on the group’s wall, as well as on the discussion board.

Here is an excellent video from Facebook to start your group.

Identify your target niche market, find out where they connect in the social media world and develop relationships and knowledge that will lead to your success. Think of your passion for your product and what activities are related.  You could tap into a community of others just like you that share the same values. Just be sure to choose something that you are passionate about; otherwise, social media will seem like a chore. You will know you have found your niche when you can write about it excitedly and effortlessly!

Be sure to follow your company’s policies and procedures to ensure that you are complying with all regulations regarding social media participation as an independent representative.

Are You in Our Facebook Group?

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