By Neil Phillips.

Every leader, every mentor, every trainer wants and needs third-party confirmation. Your team needs to know that you are a trustworthy source of information, and they will trust you because third parties confirm what you are telling them.

Generally, third-party confirmation comes from one of two sources:

  1. You are recommended to a prospect by someone who believes in you. For example, your friend, Susan, sees you as a successful direct selling leader. Susan’s sister, Rebecca, is looking for a little extra income and asks Susan for some ideas.  Susan gushes about you and tells Rebecca that she should join up.  Success!
  2. You give credit for critical pieces of your ideas to others who are considered credible. When you mention experts like Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, Jim Rohn, and Zig Ziglar, then their renown adds third-party confirmation to your training.  More commonly, when you mention other leaders in your company, their credibility attaches to yours.

Over 60% of people trust third-party sources, according to a recent survey.  Team Connections can be a valuable source for third party confirmation for you.  How?  Here are five ways we can help you.

  1. Invite your up-and-coming leaders to join the Direct Selling Leader’s Network (DSLN). Our Facebook group is obviously free (duh!).  The group is FULL of ideas to reinforce what you are saying.
  2. There is no cross recruiting. It’s prohibited, and any questionable posts are deleted.  The DSLN is a safe place to gather.
  3. The DSLN is a great place to see the excitement that comes with leadership. You want your team to see how happy and excited leaders can be.  This is the place.  Leadership is exciting, and your team members will see that.
  4. The DSLN has lots of free stuff. We try to produce a short FB Live every Friday (and by short, its five minutes or less) and there is usually a template or document that goes along with it.  You can use our ideas and materials to supplement your training.
  5. One of our greatest pleasures in owning Team Connections is the opportunity to train for different leaders or companies. Guess what’s the most common comment we get?  It’s “I love what you teach.  It’s the same things I tell them just coming from a different voice.”  You can’t survive as the voice of the prophet in the wilderness.

As I look back at the list, this may seem self-serving.  Honestly, we have dedicated our lives to serving YOU.  Over and over we get notes and messages of appreciation for the way we serve.  Here are some of the things leaders tell us.

Jennifer T. writes: “They know what they are talking about and are very helpful!!”

Ellen K. writes: “They lead with their hearts and have ‘walked the walk.’ Not only do they care, but they unselfishly share their knowledge!”

Beverly E adds: “This is an awesome place to get REAL help! It’s not games where no one benefits but the admins, it’s not gimmicks to get you to purchase product! It’s real honest, straightforward HELP!”

If you are not a member, we invite you to join.  If you are a member, use us to support your efforts to produce top direct selling leaders.