By Dana Phillips.

Okay, I admit it. I am proud to be an American. As imperfect as our country is, I still love to hear the words, “United States of America.”

There are so many things about our great nation that make me smile but when I say the word “freedom,” I get goosebumps. I am so thankful for the freedom we have to speak, to worship, to work, to plan. Look around the globe. This is a wonderful place to live. I love this country. With freedom, comes great responsibility to be our best.

As self-employed leaders, you have so much freedom. You can choose when you work, how much you work, and you even choose who works with you.  You are probably experiencing this freedom as you read this letter.

With freedom, comes great responsibility to be our best.  We earn directly from our efforts. Our personal sales, our bonuses, and our achievements are not measured by an hourly wage. If we are free to take off a lot of time, then we are responsible for the consequences.

Someone asked a top leader this week, “Why do you so hard?” Her immediate response was because she loves what she does. Then she thought about it.  She reflected that she didn’t want to lose the life she has so she works the basics of the job more in the summer when others may be taking off. She wants to help others grow and learn, have fun and profit through consistent effort. By working so hard, she ensures her consequences.

You have the freedom to run your business. Decide what you want in July – more cash, more time, growth, more influence. You have the freedom to choose.

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