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I'm one of the lucky people who gets up every day loving what he does. I coach. I get to support people who want to take control of their future happiness and livelihood. I help them get the best out of what they have. My hope is that you will find some of your passion in these articles.

Coaching Strategies to Help Your Team Get Things Right

By Neil Phillips. Do you tell them the same thing over and over to no avail? As a coach, I hear clients express frustration when their team members fail to follow directions or heed their advice. The coach approach in these situations may serve you well. Here are some typical comments from team leaders and [...]

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Are You Excited About Work?

By Neil Phillips. Do you spend most of your time leading or managing?  You do both, and you get to decide which part of your job is the favorite part.  I realize this can be one of those weird questions that makes you laugh just before you get to work on important stuff.  Take 3 [...]

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Can You Conquer Feedback Anxiety?

By Neil Phillips What’s your most powerful tool for getting better at anything?  Your feedback loop is the answer.  Your brain sucks in information from everywhere, the content is evaluated, and you determine if you are on course or off course. What’s your most powerful tool as a leader?  Your ability to provide feedback is [...]

What Really Matters?

Hurricane Harvey gives us the opportunity to seriously think about one of the BIG questions:  What's Really Important?    For hurricane sufferers, it's a real question.  When you evacuate, what goes with you?  The most common scenario is for people to move their family photographs and similar valuables to the second floor, grab the pet [...]

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Hands On, Practical Resources Have Never Been This Affordable

By Neil Phillips. For just $20, you will have access to 40 days of exclusive resources, which includes over 100 hours of video trainings and up to 4 one-on-one LIVE coaching sessions. There are also countless downloadable resources and eBooks that allow you to learn on the go at any time. Summer is about over, [...]

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Who Cares More Than You?

The answer:  No one cares more about you than you. I think its better that way. You get to be the mistress (or master) of your life. You are the expert on what you want and when you want it. The problem is that “stuff gets in the way.” Ask yourself these questions about your [...]

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Exclusive Offer – Over 100 Hours of Video Training

By Neil Phillips For just $20, you can receive access to over 100 hours of video training for 40 days! Not to mention all of the exclusive webinars, audios, handouts, coaching sessions and more. Do you want to… INCREASE recruiting for yourself and your team? GROW your team sales? HANDLE the challenges of leadership? PROMOTE [...]

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$20 for 40 Days of Exclusive Resources

By Neil Phillips. Summer is about over, and it’s time to kick it back into gear! Don’t let your business fizzle out when there’s an easy and affordable opportunity to transform it this Fall. For just $20, you will have access to 40 days of exclusive resources, which includes over 100 hours of video trainings [...]

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Keep Direct Selling Simple

With customers spread out from coast to coast and accessible through everything from messaging and Facebook to conversations, it’s easy to lose track of the core of good selling activities.  As a leader, you can easily get carried away trying to answer technical questions.  Along the way, you forget that the core pieces really stay [...]

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Get ‘er Done Strategies

Anyone can get started.  I do it hundreds of times every day and I bet that most of you do as well.  The key is figuring out how to finish. As I coach people in direct sales, one of the biggest issues is always pushing through to the finish.  There are so many competing interests [...]

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