If you are in party plan, booking is the foundation of a successful career!  Learn to book “on purpose”, not by accident!  People book parties for three reasons:  they like the product, they love the social aspect, and they like YOU.  Make sure you are the person they want.  Think about what you would want if someone came to your house to do a party for you.  What are three things you can do to make sure others want to book with you?

  1. CONTROL YOUR PARTY TIME.  Take time to book and make time to book.  Remember that guests are busy, too. Combined with your sharing, demonstrating your products, and talking with guests one-on-one, your total time should be around two hours.  Use your party time wisely and make future bookings a top priority.
  2. LEARN TO OVERCOME OBJECTIONS.  Eight out of ten people at a party have “booking” in mind or they couldn’t give you an answer so readily.  They’ve been thinking about why they CAN’T have a party.  It’s up to you to explain how easily they CAN have a fun and successful party.
  3. MAKE YOUR PARTIES SPARKLE.  They’ll want to hear more
    at another party.  Make sure you don’t over talk during your party.  Keep it simple and keep it fun. Your demonstrations should be helpful and informative.