It is summer and time for a checkup for party planners.  Leaders, need a fun idea for a meeting?  How about a medical theme?  You can wear a white jacket or nurse’s hat or scrubs. Take everyone’s “temperature” and serve M and M’s as the “magic pill”.

Do you have the CAN’T BOOK RASH?  At parties do you talk to everyone there?  How many parties do you have in the next three weeks?

CURE:  Decide what evenings you want to hold parties. You can schedule and use that time to book parties for the next three weeks.  As you take your guests’ orders, ask each one to book a party!

Do you have the PLANNING POX or LOW PARTY MUMPS?  Do you have a low party average?  You need a checkup.

CURE:  Hostess coach your hostesses on how to have 10 to 20 guests.  Tell them to tell each guest about the current sales special or attendance special!  Suggest related items for them to buy during table shopping.

Do you have CONSULTANT DEAFNESS?  Can’t hear the “possibilities” for bookings and recruits?

CURE:  Go to every meeting, attend every conference call; listen, and take notes.  Be really interested in your business.  Study your company’s training online and learn from all the “know how” you will be reading.  Go along to another party with someone who is really successful.

Do you have HOBO MALARIA?  Do you take time off in summer because it’s hot or everyone’s on vacation?  Look around.  You’ll hear about vacations all year-long.

CURE:  Plan your parties for the first of the week so every weekend you are free to go camping, fishing, etc.  Remember, the shopping malls are full so not everyone is on vacation.

Do you have TICK TOCK ILLNESS?  Are you to the point where you can’t get everything done, and you blame it on your business?  CURE:  Plan your housekeeping to make your house a home, and plan your Tupperware activities so you can have time for both!

Do you have MOTION SICKNESS?  Do you sometimes deliver product across town or drive 15-20 miles to pick up a return?

CURE:  Phone the customer and ask her to allow you to bring it at a time you will be in her area for a party or delivery.  Or better yet, suggest she have a couple or three neighbors in to see “what’s new” and have a preview party.

Do you have CAN’T RECRUIT DISEASE?  So you have never won a recruiting gift?

CURE:  Work with your upline leader and ask for her help.  Ask everyone to join you or give you the name of someone who might need some extra cash!