By Dana Phillips.

This year can be your best!  As a leader, you have the opportunity to work on YOU first:  “which” you will show up in what you do and how you lead.

Be More.

This is the part that is totally in your control.  Who do you want to be?  When you think of leaders you admire and respect, what are some of the characteristics you see in them?

If I had to describe one area that has shaped my leadership, I would say it is the area of personal responsibility.  If I work on it daily, I find myself doing more and having more, because I am “being” more.

I am accountable for my success!

I take responsibility for the results I achieve through my business.  Placing blame or making excuses for people, companies, and missed opportunities diminish my personal power and detract from my ability to lead others.  I strive to embrace life’s lessons, learn from them, and then let go so I can move on toward my future.

If I am taking responsibility for my thoughts, attitudes, and actions, I don’t have time to worry about others, try to fix them, or play the “what if” games.  If I stay focused on the present, not regretting the past or worrying about the future, I can influence more people, accomplish more productive work, and feel great.

Sounds so easy, but I know that I work at this every day.  I would love to share with you some of the thoughts, slogans, and words I say when I find myself straying from this mindset.

When I am emotional after an email, conversation, or phone call:

No one can make me [angry, hurt, sad, disappointed–you put your favorite negative emotion here] unless I permit them.

I am only responsible for my part in this [situation, disagreement, encounter, painful experience].  Who do I want to be right now?

When someone is not doing what I would like them to do:

She has a better idea of what she wants than I do.

It is not the path I would take, but it is her path.

When we were not making our sales, recruiting or promoting goals:

 I need to find more people

What can I do differently?

Who can I inspire to move up?

When I take responsibility for my success, I think and feel differently.  Because I work on me, I have more satisfaction, results, and wealth.  I invite each of you, great leaders, to join me on this journey of personal responsibility this year.  I know it will make a difference.

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