By Dana Phillips.

February is the month to offer a special Valentine to everyone at your parties:  touch hearts with your career opportunity!  As leaders, you set the example for personal recruiting as well as sales.

If you are unsure of how to approach the subject of recruiting at your parties, just remember: It’s easy! Here’s how you can create strong yet smooth lead-ins to your recruiting message at three key points in your party.

  1. In Your Opening: Always include in your opening a statement about the difference your company has made in your life. Make this a part of introducing yourself to your guests. By sharing your own experience as an example, you’ll establish credibility from the start. You might talk about what you’ve been able to do with your extra income and your extra time, the awards and recognition you’ve earned, and the positive effects your career has had on your family. When your Hostess and customers hear you describe the benefits you’ve enjoyed as a leader in your company, they’ll begin to think, “That could be me!”
  2. During Your Demonstration:  After you’ve “planted the seed” during your opening, build upon your message while sharing the products. For example, if you’re showing the products included in your Opportunity Kit, you might say, “you could buy this product tonight, or I could show you how to earn it-and lots of other great products as part of your New Consultant Opportunity Kit.”
  3. As you close, Let your recruiting message be natural. As important as it is to close with a powerful recruiting message, it is equally important not to be pushy. Try saying, “If you like one or two of the products you’ve seen tonight, I’ll be happy sell them to you now. If you’d like to have three or four, let me explain how you can earn them as gifts by booking your own party. If you’d like to have all of these products, I’d love to help you get started in your own home-based business. You’ve seen how much fun we’ve had tonight. I know you can do what I’ve done!”

Always ask one-on-one for a sponsoring conversation. “[__________] whenever I meet someone like you who is [sincere compliment], I just know I need to sit down and tell you the full story of our company’s opportunity. May I call/come over tomorrow?”

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