By Neil Phillips

We all make New Year’s resolutions.  We have blue sky dreams of what our business is going to become. We also have high hopes of being debt-free, skinny, and in love with life.

By now, the hot sun has burned any remnant of those dreams.  Your calendar year is half done.  Your top priorities are centered on vacations, conventions, unreturned calls from your team, and customers who have other concerns than you.

What if the second half can be better than the first half?  Hit pause, and reread that question.  Think about it.

In sports competitions, the first half of the game is for the setup and the second half is for the determined push.

Runners often use a negative split strategy designed to stay on pace during the first half and push faster during the second half.

Most businesses plan for second half sales (think Christmas) to carry their year to profitability.

The second half of your year is generally busier and more profitable than the first half.  Imagine how much better it can be with some second-half resolutions!

You have six wide-open months to make your second half dreams come true.  Again, what if the second half can be better than the first half?

Start with some dreams.  Just like January 1, dream about the shape of your business and life.  If you move everything in the right direction, what will you find at the end of 2018?

Put all of those dreams down on paper.  You don’t have to prioritize them.  What you write will open up a photo album full of Disney-like dreams anytime you want it.

Now back your thinking up to the end of September.  This is the hard part.  Set some specific, concrete goals. Create your own SMART goals.

Your next step is to push your thinking down one more level:

  • Where do you have to be at the end of August to make your September SMART goal?
  • Where do you have to be at the end of July to make your August SMART goal?

Finally, get to work.  You have taken control of the rest of your year.  You are in control of what happens.  Put your work boots on and do what you set out to do.

What will you do today to Wake Up Your Good Life?

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