By Dana Phillips.

We know goal setting works.  Coaching goal setting works even better because the coach, you, can hold the space for your team member to get real clarity on what they want.  Here are a couple of strategies that have served you well when you are in coach mode.

  • Ask for details about the goal.  Find the “why” behind the “what” by asking questions. Dig deep with your future star to discover how the goal is relevant to their values.
  • Break it down. Ask your team member to break the goal into actionable items. A goal such as “I want to earn $10,000 a month,” is very broad.  You, as the coach, can ask powerful questions about where the income will be earned, what activities will support the goal.
  • Consider obstacles.  This is something a coach can do to support goal setting and goal achievement.  Thinking about what might get in the way, allows time and preparation for the team member to figure contingency plans, count the cost and gain confidence in achieving the goal.

While successful goal setting is not as simple as learning your ABC’s, using a coach approach will help your odds of hitting the target.

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