Start Today

By Dana Phillips.

Today is the first day of your business. Good or bad, yesterday is gone, and today you can make a difference in the lives of others.

Today, you can let go of the circumstances you can’t change.

Today, you can set new goals, and start fresh to achieve them.

Today, you can choose to be happy, or choose to be unhappy.

Today, you can work because you want to, not because someone is clocking us.

Today, you can pick up the phone, go see people, book parties.

Today, you can choose to be proactive about your business.

Today, you can focus on the important, not just the urgent.

Today, you can shed our fears and concentrate on others.

Today, you can begin a journey that is exciting, fun, and prosperous.

Today, you can make a difference.

Today is a great time to think about getting back to the basics in your business.  The basic skills of booking, recruiting, and selling will never go away.  As a leader, you have refined those skills, used them over and over to grow your business.  As a leader reading this letter, you can smile when you think about how much more you know about your business than you did when you started.

Back to the basics doesn’t mean starting over from the beginning.  Instead, it is the means you take what you know now about the basics and apply it to what you are doing.  Too often you get “on a roll” and forget some of the basics of host coaching.  Then one day you wake up and say, “Hey I used to tell my host to invite three times as many people to attend.  Why did I quit doing that?”  Alternatively, maybe you got tired of talking about recruiting and wonder why your personal recruiting slipped. Take a look at the basics and see how you are doing.

This is a good month to revisit your basics.  Make a list of what things you are doing that are working now and a second list of what you were doing in your best month ever.  You will be surprised at the little basic skills that may have slipped away.  Pull them out, and you will explode your business.

Plan your work, work your plan.

Today, you can lead with excellence.

What’s Your New Habit Going To Be?

What did you do that made you successful that you stopped doing?  You’ve got something, and you need to visit your past, update your basic approach, and move forward more successfully than you are.

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