By Dana Phillips.

If you’re thinking about becoming moving up someday, here are some things you can do right now to help prepare:

  • Plan to attend all training opportunities, calls, and meetings for your company
  • Set your goal to promote to leadership in the next three months
  • Associate with people who are achieving goals and are dedicated to reaching goals similar to yours
  • Remember you don’t have to KNOW everything to be a leader
  • Be persistently positive and consistently active in moving closer to becoming a leader
  • Invite everyone you meet to hear the facts about your opportunity
  • Stay in touch with your sponsor or up line leader about the people you meet and interview
  • Help each of your new team members find their first team member. They deserve the benefits of being a leader, too
  • Go on a booking spree and fill up your datebook.
  • Subscribe to at least one blog to support you in your journey
  • Go to your back office and check out resources to support you
  • See yourself as a leader, growing in your skills and confidence

Why Become A Leader?

YOU become a person who is valued by your team.

YOU become a person who looks more at others than yourself.

YOU become a person who is always reaching out to find more people to develop.

YOU become a person who mentors and guides others.

YOU become a person who strives to improve yourself so you can set the pace for your team.

YOU become a person who is strong, confident, and part of a great leadership team.

Our profession is looking for people who choose to make a difference, decide to influence others, and earn more income.  Set your goal to advance to leadership and begin the journey today.

Are You Curious How Other Leaders Plan and Set Goals?

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