By Neil Phillips.

Have you ever watched a baby start to walk?  They don’t go boldly forward with giant leaps.  A baby starts by leaning back and forth until one foot decides it’s had enough and steps.  And then another and another and a fall followed by a laugh or tears and standing back up to try again.  Babies are inspiring models for what you should be doing.

Have you ever been stuck?  Is your to-do list so big you are paralyzed every time you look at it?  Maybe your plans fell apart, and you are just drawing a blank on what to do. Regardless of how you got stuck, the most important thing is DO SOMETHING.  Do anything.  A baby step can get you unstuck and into action.

Here are five ways that baby steps work to get you moving:

  1. Relieves pressure. Your brain is operating as a computer with too many apps active. Taking action in a Baby Step is like closing down an app.  It frees up processing space for other activities.  As the space goes up, you start to focus on what needs to be done, and you move to the next item.
  2. Prevents brain overload. You don’t go to the gym and plan to lift 300 pounds on the first day.  Your muscles can’t take the overload.  Baby steps allow your brain to focus on one step at a time and don’t cause brain freeze.
  3. Diminishes fear of mistakes. Your ego wants you to do nothing until you have a comprehensive plan and “success is guaranteed.”   Baby steps often have a higher chance of success.  If your step is a mistake, you can easily correct it before moving forward.
  4. Gives you a carrot and avoids the stick. Taking a baby step triggers your internal reward system and steps up your chemical reward system.  Getting into action helps you stay in action.
  5. Reinforces your human need for social interaction.  Taking a baby step most likely (not always) involves working with others, getting their feedback and building support.  We never create alone.

Getting into action involves taking that first step.  So shuffle forward just a tiny bit and you’re on your way.

What’s Your Next Step?

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