By Neil Phillips

Proactive change starts in your head.  If your brain can’t see a difference, then your actions won’t change.  When you ask yourself questions, you can accelerate the process of creating alternatives and creating new activities.

When you Ask More and Tell Less, creative things happen.  When you focus those questions on sales, you can radically alter the results.  You will stop doing the “same old” thing because that’s the way you do it.

The same is true for recruiting.  When you ask yourself some different questions, you’ll find yourself giving different answers.  Here are five questions (with a little explanation) that can radically change your recruiting.

How do I use “high tech” methods to produce “high touch” recruiting?  The internet can put in front of thousands of more people than you could access a decade ago. How can you use your access to touch those people?

How can I create a business so attractive that people want to join?  There is only one Field of Dreams; it was built, and they came. You, on the other hand, can create a business that will make people want to take a second look or ask a question or tell somebody about you. Make people love you, and it will pay off.

Whom do I need to be to attract team members?  People join your team for the opportunity, and they also join because they want to be around you. Whom do you need to be to attract positive attention?

What is my best opportunity to find the people I want on my team? Putting a shout-out on your Facebook newsfeed is very efficient.  Does it attract or repel the people you want? How can you go from a news post to a message to a conversation?

What is the profile of my ideal new team member? Who wants your business as a side gig? Where (and when)  can you go to find them?

Recruiting is one of the major buckets for your energy.  You think about or do something about it every day.  Unfortunately, your thoughts will take to the strategy and tactical levels. Ask yourself some new questions so you can operate on the dream level once in a while.

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