By Neil Phillips.

When you ask different questions, you’ll get different answers. Right?  What parent doesn’t understand that questions shape thought patterns?

The same is true when we ask ourselves questions.  When you Ask More and Tell Less, creative things happen.  Our thoughts, plans, and activities go in different directions.  Think about what happens to you with these two questions:

  • What is my work schedule tomorrow?
  • What am I going to accomplish tomorrow?

When you ask tougher questions, you will focus on more detailed answers.  Here are five questions (with a little explanation) that will start your head racing.

How do I create raving fans of my business?  This is about you and what you do.  Your company can find their own raving fans. You want people who want to convince their friends to add you to their circle.

How do I create 100 fans who will produce $2,000 in sales every year?  These are your customer evangelists.  They can be individual customers, hosts, fundraiser managers, or order takers.  They are the 100 people that are so invested in you that they will bring you annual sales of $200,000.  This is one of those things that sounds impossible until you check around. I’m sure you will find some colleagues who have done it.

How will I make every customer feel special?  If you want customer evangelists and raving fans, you will have to make every customer special.  You don’t know who’s going to fall in love with you until after the first glance.

What word will I pick to describe every customer?  You might want “happy” or “satisfied” although with a little brain time you will find a better one that fits you and what you do.

How do I want to show up?  A different version of this question is “How do I want customers to remember me?”  When you are not memorable, building a repeat business becomes nearly impossible.

Having come this far, feel free to circle back and think about the questions.  Feel free to add others as you go along.  Take some time and, at a minimum, create a mental plan to produce some changes.

You may have to make some radical changes.  I’m still waiting for someone who can tell me how they will do this strictly through messaging and digital posting although your digital exchange may be a critical component.

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