By Dana Phillips.

I read the coolest little quote the other day. “If you reach for the stars, you may not quite get there, but you won’t come up with a handful of dirt.”

I thought about our business and how we like to stretch and reach. We don’t always end with the results we want right at that moment, but we grow when we reach.

What are some of your “reaching for the stars” goals? Four new people signed up this month? Are you moving up a level in your compensation plan? Are you developing one new leader this month?  Number one personal recruiter in your company?  One leader told me that her goal was to sell at least $1 more than the previous month, every month.  Another is reaching for the biggest month ever in her career. Another told me she wants to earn enough to buy a new car this month (without the stimulus package or car payment).  One great leader told me that her reach for the stars goal is to take home $6,000 every single month.

I remember some of my “reach for the star goals.” I remember stretching for those seemingly unattainable goals and missing many times. But each time I grew, I profited, I came closer. You build character in the third or fourth attempt, not the first. The thrill of finally reaching some of those goals still gives me goosebumps. Some of them I never achieved (like #1 in the world), but I sure did make a lot of friends, money, and confidence as I worked for those goals.

Take some time to set your goals for the end of the year in personal volume, recruiting, leadership development and team volume.  Hire a coach (I know many good ones) and reach.

Who Do You Know Who Wants to Reach for the Stars?

We know you have STAR goals.  Do your up and coming leaders have them?

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