By Neil Phillips.

If there was ever an official list of the causes of a leader’s headaches, one of the top two is undoubtedly, “I can’t get my team to recruit.”  And why not?  As a leader, you want your team to sell and recruit.  If they are only doing half, then you get a headache trying to figure out why you can’t tap into their recruiting muscles.

While I can’t answer that question, one way to move forward is to think about what you are doing and what you are getting as a result.  You want to inspire your team to recruit!  Here are some thought starters to help you find a new track to inspiration.

When you boil it all down, there are two types of inspirational paths: external and internal.  The external approach emphasizes rewards.  It’s the “you do—you get” approach. The rewards can cover the gamut from cutesy bling, sales aids, logo wear, cash to a trip.  The internal approach taps into the recruiter’s “sense of purpose.” It’s the “you do it because that’s who you are” approach.

Consider External Inspiration When:

You want numbers of new consultants.  Offering rewards will get a lot more of your team to talk about recruiting, and the result is more recruits.

Rewards cost you money, so you will need to figure out what you can afford.  Because you have expenses, you also need a deadline.

Rewards sometimes have the effect of achieving large numbers of sign-ups who aren’t motivated.  The recruit signed up so they could get the bonus or they signed up so the recruiter could get the bonus.  They are more interested in the reward than in the work opportunity.

Consider Internal Inspiration When:

You want your recruiters to create strength in their team.  You want your team to see recruiting as part of who they are; their passion and lifestyle.  You want them sharing the opportunity.

When you spend your time tapping into your team’s motivations, your cost is in time and energy.  Announcing a promotion is quick and costs money; spending one-on-one time tapping into people’s internal motivations takes you away from other key activities.

When you focus on motivations, you are building strength and community. A recruiter can’t say “I did it for the money.” They have to say, “I did it because it was the right thing.”  The same is true for the recruit—the motivation is to build a business not get the bling.

Your Opportunity:

The more you reflect on your inspirational options, the more your choices open up.  For example, during high sales periods, external rewards can open up more conversations. As the sales peak starts to pass, you can focus on having your team follow-up with motivated potential members.

When you think proactively, you can strategically use or supplement what your company is offering.  If your company is focusing on rewards, you may be better off spending your time rather than your money to boost recruiting.

Your Challenge:

My challenge to you is this:  take a calendar and one hour.  Plan your focus for the next six months.  That will create your schedule through the business boom of the second quarter and the pace of the summer.  Plan your work, and then work your plan.

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