by Neil Phillips.

If you joined us for our free webinar, The 3 Secrets to Get Your Team to Recruit Right Now, you already know how we would answer this question.  The three secrets are out:

  • Change Your Language
  • Change Your Celebrations
  • Focus on Activities

When you watch, you’ll also find at LEAST 6 things you can do right now to make team recruiting happen!

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We can’t give you all of our best advice in one webinar, so we’ve created a new series called Rev Up Recruiting in a Digital World. You want to give people the best offer that you can–to own their own business.  And you want your team to do the same.  Are you working together?  Are they sharing?

The series, Rev Up Recruiting in a Digital World, starts on Tuesday, March 19 and offers LIVE classes for four weeks. (Don’t worry, everything is recorded and you will have access for 45 days.)  You’ll receive loads of worksheets, scripts, outlines, and checklists.  Each webinar covers a different topic that will support your leadership as a sharing organization.

Webinar One, Learn to Launch Recruiters, helps you discover how to get people recruiting in their first 30 days.

Webinar Two, One Easy Formula for Every Recruiting Event, gives you the formula for successful opportunity meetings (live, online, conference calls, Facebook).

Webinar Three, Recruiting Events on Facebook, provides a deep dive in Facebook how-tos.

Webinar Four, Team Incentives and Recognition, helps you apply your creative juices to recruiting.

The whole package–live webinars, handouts, scripts, templates AND FOUR one-to-one coaching calls,–is yours for $47 but you miust sign up by next Monday, March 18.

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Are your team members recruiting new Consultants? 

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