By Dana Phillips.

Whether it’s a short term challenge or a six-month company trip, you want to be able to keep a contest in front of your people.  Whether you are in network marketing or party plan, this can work for you.

Set up a draft email template (or text or message) that you can update and then cut and paste.  Begin to use the name of the contest to track the benchmarks.  Update it weekly as soon as someone begins to reach their benchmarks in the challenge.

Example A

Let’s say your company has a trip incentive that is to the Bahamas.  You may qualify with $75,000 in new volume, over three months, with three new legs.  You create an acronym to reflect the two criteria for qualifying–amount of volume and number of new legs.

Break it down:  To reflect the criteria of three legs, your acronym is WOW.

Break the $75,000 into 10 “chunks” of $7500 and you can spell BAHAMA TRIP.

So your email would say:


Who is on pace?

Sue Smith       W  BAH    (Sue has one leg and three chunks of $7500 = $22,500)

John Doe         WO BAHA  (John has two legs and four chunks of $7500 = $30,000)

At a glance you are not only recognizing their progress, but you are also creating a little healthy competitive push towards win-win performances.

Example B

Let’s say you have a contest where they must recruit nine people and develop one leader to earn a BIG SCREEN TV

Break it down:  To reflect the criteria of 9 recruits your acronym is BIG SCREEN.

The new leader is the acronym TV. (That’s both letters for one leader.)

So your email would say:


Who is on pace?

 Sue Smith  BIG SC    TV  (Sue has five recruits and a leader developed.)

John Doe    BI             (John has two recruits.)

 Why go to the trouble?

  • Your team repeats what is recognized.
  • Your team may not keep track of their progress.
  • Your team can benefit from seeing how others are doing.

So put your creativity to work.  Develop your own ideas into a powerful set of letters.

PSST:  With so many company conventions coming in the next few weeks, you have an opportunity to get people working on challenges right after they get home.

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