By Dana Phillips.

Get a spiral notebook exclusively for recruiting.

In the notebook list a minimum of 20 names and phone numbers.  These are people you could recruit, past hostesses, guests, door prize coupons, or friends.  Don’t be concerned about their interest level; the goal is to list people who you would like on your team.

Never let the list get below 20!  Put every lead you get onto this list.  Because you cannot let the list go below 20, you will find it easier to talk to leads.  You need to keep the list at 20 minimum.

The reason this works is because it eliminates the panic that hits you when you don’t have leads.  When you have 20 leads at all times, and someone definitely says “NO”, you shrug your shoulders, and add a new name to the list and go on.

Remember SW3:  Some will, some won’t, someone is waiting for you to ask!

A pleasant side note on this approach: sometimes a name written down just to fill a space may surprise you and join the Team!  Add her to the Team and find another name for your recruiting notebook.

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