By Dana Phillips.

“Sometimes I want success for others more than they want it for themselves.” I hear that a lot. You have probably said it at least once. I know I have.

Lately I have come to the realization that the “success” they want may not be my “version.” This realization has opened up amazing opportunities to find out what others really want. Often it is far more than I thought. Many times it requires a different path than I had presumed. I find myself saying, “That is not the path I would take but it is your path.”

Recognizing that others are in charge of their own destiny is so empowering to them and freeing to you, the leader. You are free find more who want to be on your path. You are free to see the greatness in another’s journey. You are free to see others succeed in their own way.

What will you do to learn about your team members’ picture of success?

How Do Other Leaders Learn?

Being a leader is more than managing sales and recruiting. Being a leader tests your self-concept and relationship skills.  The Direct Selling Leaders Network is the Facebook group known as a safe place to share questions and answers about growing your business.  Leaders are curious.  This is a great group to find out some answers.

The Direct Selling Leaders’ Network is the Facebook group for leaders like you. This social learning community is the premier online community for direct selling leaders, future leaders, and those who want to create their future. Leadership is a way of life, not just a position. Join us as we add new FREE content every week! Recruiting, Getting Your Team to Work, and Tips on Working Smarter, Not Harder.  NOT A MEMBER?  Please join some of the best leaders in direct sales.