By Dana Phillips.

Here are five quick and simple (maybe not easy, but simple) ways to better control your time.

1.    Pick the habit you want to change.

2.    Define the new habit.  Be very specific.

3.    Power-start the new habit.  Make signs to reinforce your new behavior.  Stick post it notes to your computer, your datebook.  If you have to schedule the new habit, make appointments with yourself.

4.    Do not deviate despite temptation.   Think of this new habit as your full time job.  Don’t allow yourself the luxury of “messing up.”  Every time you revert to the old habit, you are starting over again.  Be faithful to execute until one day you look back and say, “I can’t picture myself going back to the old habit.”

5.    Ask key people to help you.  Be specific when you invite others to be your accountability person.  Think of one key word they can use that will trigger the right attitude from you to get you on track.

“Habits are the key to success. Successful people form the habit of doing the things others don’t like to do.”  Earl Nightingale

Want More Help in Pinpointing Important Habits?

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