By Neil Phillips.

At the point in my life when I was leaving direct sales and starting my career as a coach and trainer, my partner and I made the decision that we needed to step up our name recognition and hit the trail to do local training workshops.  During one period, we were doing two a day (in different locations) and in one stretch did 18 workshops in 14 days.  I don’t recommend this as a way to get recognized for your business, but I learned a valuable lesson.  Somewhere in the middle of that phase, I had very little joy in my life.

I was so caught up in the JOB and the urgency of getting to the next place that I lost track of the little day-to-day things that I do to keep life satisfying.  I had dropped all of those pieces out.  I was settling for what I was getting that day.  I swear that if I had to keep the road trip up for much longer, I would have quit.  I could only keep going because I could count down the days until it was over.  That’s when I developed my list of 100 Things I Love To Do. You can click on the link or download a blank copy here.

This is not a bucket list!  A bucket list is a wish list of things you want to do once before you kick the bucket.  This is a list of things you want to do again and again.  They don’t have to cost money.  They do demand your time.  For example:

  • Taking time to do the Sudoku with your first coffee of the day.
  • Reading a pulp magazine with lunch.
  • Luncheon date with your significant other.
  • Looking at real estate listings.
  • Clearing your mind, sitting with your eyes shut and counting to twenty without letting your thoughts drift.
  • Turning on a ballgame to play in the background as white noise.
  • Meandering around your block.
  • Updating my 100 Things I Love To Do

The items on your list don’t have to cost money.  They don’t even have to take a lot of time.  Your list is an opportunity to take control of a few minutes of your life and do something that is just for you.  You are taking the time to realize you have a choice in every single moment.

When I’ve challenged my coaching clients to create their list, the results are often impressive.  No two lists are ever alike.  And one person’s pleasure can easily be another’s “yuck.”   Most can get 15-20 items without any difficulty.  Very few ever get the assignment done in less than two weeks.

Are you up for the challenge?  When is the last time you made a list like this?

FREE OFFER:  If you complete your list and send it to me, I will give you two free 30-minute coaching sessions to Wake Up Your Good Life.  Just download the form, complete it, and email it back (my contact information is on the bottom).  I’ll be in touch.

What will you do today to Wake Up Your Good Life?

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