I could start by saying something provocative like, “You must like what you are doing, or you wouldn’t be doing it.  You have a choice to do what you are doing, and at some point, you have decided that your current course is the most likable one.” Your reaction would probably be to call me condescending, pedantic, and out of touch.  You would say to me that no one has that much control over their life.

I could start by quoting John Maxwell, who said, “The truth is that mediocrity is always a personal choice.” Are you hesitating just a little in condemning me?

If you keep telling yourself that the politics is scaring everyone, nobody is doing any better, or the company can’t get it right, then you will never find yourself in any place different from where you are right now.  You have chosen mediocrity.

If you keep telling yourself that I can’t afford to quit, my family needs this, or someday I’ll be glad that I stuck to it, then you have chosen to be where you are, doing what you are doing.

There’s more, but it’s a simple claim.  When we realize that we have the power to choose, then we know that

  • we have chosen in the past,
  • we are choosing now,
  • and we will choose in the future.

And with our realization that we are choosing, we must conclude that we are happy with the choice or that we should make another.

Choosing to be different doesn’t mean a radial 360 transformation.  Maybe it means making five outreach calls for your business every day. Maybe it means asking your spouse to do laundry duties in exchange for more adult together time after the kids go to bed. Or maybe it means starting to save $50 a week to transition out of that awful job you hate.

It means saying I like what I do or I’d do something different.

What do you think?  How have you felt about your happiness?  If you are unsure where to start, this is a perfect opportunity to seek a coach to support you as you move forward.

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