These tips came from some of the top leaders I know in our profession.  There are some real gems in here.  Enjoy and pick the ones that you want to make a habit in your business.

Time Management

  • Treat your business like your business.
  • Spend minutes on the urgent, hours on the important.
  • Never work alone.  Always take a consultant with you to parties, interviews, etc.
  • Get up in the morning and get dressed to work.
  • Use your datebook to keep track of your business, sales meetings, events.


  • Contact 5 a day to book.
  • Smile when you talk on the phone.
  • Book two personal parties away from parties for every grand opening you hold.
  • Do exit interviews with every consultant who leaves.
  • Care enough about yourself to keep your datebook full.
  • Book two from every party.  You are never through until you book two.
  • Ask the “no’s” when you can call back so you always have callbacks.


  • Really sit down and give every hostess the facts about your earning opportunity.
  • Pick two leads from every party.
  • Your personal recruits are usually the strongest, so spend more time getting your recruits.
  • Schedule interviews consistently.
  • Really do five interviews a week.
  • Bring guests to sales meetings
  • Conduct Grand Openings
  • Have more consultants coming into your unit than going out.


  • Be willing to do twice as much as any of your team members.
  • Care enough about your consultants to find out what they really want and hold them accountable.
  • Hold weekly or monthly meetings.
  • Set team goals.
  • Re-promote yourself at least once a quarter.
  • Promote a new team leader every quarter.
  • Recruit the same number of personal recruits every time you promote someone.

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