By Dana Phillips.

Are you a list maker?  Me, too. Simply getting it out of my head and onto paper (or notes in my phone), frees me to be more productive and more accomplished.  In the last few years, I have learned some pretty cool pointers to help me get even better productivity from my lists.

  1. Prioritize the list. I have discovered that I write down the stuff that seems to be urgent on my list first.  After your write your list, before you start, look at what is most important, not just urgent. In fact, you may want to use this Focus To-Do List to make sure you are thinking about all you want to accomplish.
  2. Circle the three things you want to accomplish today. This will make sure you are being effective, not just efficient.  Remember activity does not equal productivity.  Being busy doesn’t equate to getting things done.
  3. Schedule time to do things that take 15 minutes. By doing this, you don’t over commit, you make sure important tasks are being accomplished and you set a flow for your work that is achievable.

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