By Dana Phillips.

January is the time of year we think about a new lifestyle.  In January, you think that if you change your lifestyle, then you can be skinnier, wealthier, friendly, or just plain nicer.  What’s the lifestyles you want to create as a direct selling leader in 2020?

Now, more than ever before, it pays to build a robust and vibrant team.  What are the values of sponsoring new consultants on your team?

Recruiting new people into your organization every month not only helps the new consultant to earn income, but it is also a great value to your team. The nature of our business requires us to continually introduce new people to our teams because we don’t retain everyone we recruit.  However, recruiting is more than a necessity:  recruiting new people keeps us fresh, motivated, and fulfilled.  Think about the pride and excitement you have when you bring in a new person.

·       New consultants bring raw energy to your work.

·       New consultants follow your lead.

·       New consultants bring new sales to your team.

·       New consultants are eager to learn from you.

·       New consultants are the future leaders of your business.

The best place to meet new consultants is at the party.  This month is the best month to begin recruiting at your party if you haven’t done so.  The first person you will invite is your host.  She already likes the product, she understands the basics of a party, and you have a connection with her.

As a leader, your JOB is to have a conversation with every hostess.  You might say, “As a leader, my job is to tell every hostess about the excellent income opportunity before your party.   I do this for three reasons:

1.       You may decide this is something you want to do and if so, the bookings from your party will be yours.

2.       Timing is everything.  You may not want to start now, but circumstances change, and you will know that this is a valid business opportunity.

3.       You may not ever become a consultant, but when you hear about the opportunity, you might think of someone who will benefit from this opportunity.

This takes the pressure off you and her because you are making this part of what you do for every hostess. The best time to have this conversation is before the party.  This gives her a little time to think about what you have shared, picture herself doing what you do, and think of questions she might have.

Here is this month’s challenge for leaders.

·       Decide to have a recruiting conversation with every hostess

·       Let her know it is your job

·       Record her response and keep track of how many hostesses join you.

The more you talk to your hostesses, the more practiced you will become, and the more recruits you will have.

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