By Neil Phillips.

Did you know that if you yelled for 1 year, 7 months, 26 days, 20 hours, 26 minutes and 40 seconds that you would produce enough sound energy to heat a cup of coffee?  Hardly seems worth it, does it?  Yelling creates sound energy, which creates a little heat. You can look it up.

Think about the times you usually might be yelling, and most of them aren’t worth the energy.  We typically raise our voice in anger, and it seldom accomplishes what we want.

Anger may allow us to force our will on others or a situation.  In the short term, it may count as a win.  In the long run, it is building walls not bridges.

Lashing out in loud anger gets us that “Yes, Sir!” type of response. And it also creates passive-aggressive responses to our leadership.

Yelling to get our way pushes others to yell back. It stops everything. Nobody gets their way, and nobody will compromise.  It becomes a lose/lose situation. It stops everything. That’s why negotiations often end up with a cooling-off period.

Yelling doesn’t make you look passionate.  Yelling makes you look like a bully.

Yelling happens when we are out of control. Think toddler. Think adult. Children yell because they don’t know enough social rules to work their way through.  So they yell, and the adult fixes it.  How in control are you of yourself when you are in that much-aroused anger.  Take a walk.  If you can’t control yourself, what chance do you have to control anything else?

Coffee should be hot, and people should be cool.  Have you ever heard the colloquialism, “Hot heads prevailed?”  Probably not.  So put your coffee in the microwave and cool off your anger.  The coffee will taste much better.

What strategies work for you to calm down and not yell?  Please share in the Direct Selling Leaders Network what you do to calm down.

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