By Neil Phillips.

When you read the title, most of you probably think of the word, “hard.”  That’s the most common answer.  Your challenge as a leader is to understand what the opposing term is and how to share that with your team. There are alternatives.

The opposite of easy is satisfying. Sometimes when you pick the easy way out, the end result doesn’t end up mattering very much to you. Since it’s easy, you don’t care.  The opposite, satisfying, means that you’ve had a chance to test yourself and have passed your personal benchmark. That’s satisfying! When should you go for satisfaction instead of easy?

The opposite of easy is struggle. Sometimes when there is an obvious, simple solution, you pick to do it “your way.”  That makes it a struggle.  If you would just accept the clues that life is leaving, your path will be easier.  What can you do to observe the clues?

The opposite of easy is durable.  Have you ever had to choose between just getting it done (easy) and building a system to do it right (durable)?  How will you gain the wisdom to make the right choice?

The opposite of easy is inflexible.  Sometimes we do things for people that are outside our normal boundaries.  It’s easy to be a people pleaser and harder to follow the rules.  How will you choose the right thing for the situation?

What other alternatives would you add?  This is your opportunity to support your team in finding the key distinctions in their life and work.  How will you do that?

My challenge to you is to find one person this week and support them in seeing a distinction and making a choice.  You will grow their leadership along with your own.

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