Real Words to Engage Your Hostess

By Mary McLoughlin. We hear it all the time at Team Connections, what should I say? Tell me what you would say. So, I am going to do just that. Over the next several blogs I will share the actual words I use in a variety of scenarios. You will probably want to watch the [...]

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What Do I Say to Recruit My Hostess?

By Mary McLoughlin. Are you a party plan direct seller? Then your next new team member is probably your next hostess. That is, if you intentionally invite her. After I learned three simple ways to invite every hostess to join my team, my recruiting skyrocketed and became consistent. It really is as simple as 1, [...]

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3 Things to Do if You Want to Work This Week

by Janet Daniels. Christmas is over and the New Year is around the corner!  You may be wondering, “What can I do this week to get the New Year started?”  Here are three things that may help you decide: Check-in with your January hosts. If there’s anyone you haven’t host coached yet, this is the [...]

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Direct Selling in May: Five Ideas for Business

We often hear that May is a tough month for parties or network marketing because people are so busy.  Graduations (college, high school, even kindergarten), first Communion, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and end of year school activities can fill up the month quickly. Here is another way to look at May.  How can your products [...]

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Just for Fun

For the next few months, I want to become a fictional direct seller every Tuesday.  I will describe the fears, thoughts, and concerns of new people as if it is me. I invite you to write in and answer my questions, provide fictional mentoring, and have fun with this.  This is an experiment. It will [...]

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