By Neil Phillips.

Direct sellers have one great thing in common with every other entrepreneur.  Direct sellers are self-employed.  When you think about it, it really does avoid a lot of confusion.

Self-employed workers never have the opportunity to forget it.  When they work, they make money.  When they don’t, they don’t.  And if they ever stop believing it, the empty billfold quickly reminds them.

When you are self-employed, everything matters in one way or another.

  • You learn to master your time to make more money.
  • You know what activities need all of your attention and which one shouldn’t get any.
  • You can network for fun and profit.
  • And you know that you are the most important cog in your business and your life.

I am grateful to have been in direct sales and to spend most of my time coaching direct sellers.  Watching and supporting people as they cultivate this mindset gets me jazzed.  The coaching question is not “Are you responsible?” but “what can you do with your responsibility?”

The gurus of direct sales know that the self-employed mindset can bring success in every business venture. Zig Ziglar expressed it this way: “If you don’t think as a self-employed person, you will eventually become an unemployed person.  It doesn’t make any difference who signs the paychecks; you really do work for yourself.”

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