By Dana Phillips.

I did a poll recently in our Facebook group and asked “What is your biggest challenge?”  Without question, the number one topic was balancing your business and your family life.

Here are five quick ways to get control of your calendar now.

  1. Admit that every one the same amount of time and stop making excuses.  Your calendar reflects you and your choices. Do a deep dive and see if it reflects what you really want.  Ditch the victim mentality of “I just wish there were more hours in the day.”  There aren’t. Period.
  2. Use one calendar.  I don’t care if it is Outlook, Google Calendar, or a paper version, pick one.  If you are a mom on the go, I would recommend a paper version because your phone app may be too restrictive.  In any case, use your calendar to keep track of family, social, church, and business events, appointments, and time to work on your business.
  3. Decide, as best as you can, how much time you will devote to your direct selling business. We see so many of you “thinking” about your business 24/7 and not working on the business.
  4. Block the best times for you to work your business.  Be careful to choose productive times where you can reach people.
  5. When faced with additional requests for your time (we know you all get them) learn to say yes slowly.  Or at least say, “Let me check my schedule? May I get back to you?”  That gives you time to see what you will have to take off your schedule to add a new activity.

Do these five things daily and you will definitely get a head start on time mastery.  Let us know your thoughts.  Please comment on this article.  We look forward sharing more ideas.

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