By Dana Phillips.

While true leaders sometimes fly blind, most of the time you have your radar going full speed.  You are always alert to opportunities.  You are always leading.  Here are some of the things this means.

1.  Lead the way, even if no one is following you yet.

When building a team here you may find yourself disappointed in your team members for not working.  The fact is, you lead the charge.  Direct selling is a performance-based opportunity and you will find those who will follow your lead if you keep doing the activities of success.  Make the calls, set more appointments, and see more people.  Get recognized and you will recruit more people who will follow you.

 2. See your opportunity as a gift.

It doesn’t matter if your prospect buys into YOUR STORY, what’s important is that you don’t buy into theirs.  Listen to where they are.  Don’t let them talk you out of your dream.  Even if they are trying to “protect” you, believe in what you do.

3.  Sacrifice isn’t a four-letter word.

Successful people know that in order to go up, they must give up negative things, people, or events that don’t move them closer towards their financial goal.  Think about what you need to take off your plate to make your business the success you want.  You may want to put away the golf clubs, some volunteer work, or television just for a while, and make earning income and being a success the priority.

You are in charge, all day, every day.  Cool.

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