By Dana Phillips.

Leaders will not miss a challenge. While “winning” is nice, the true rewards come with helping others and building a strong team. Here are some ways to build recruiting AND productivity.

  • Lead by example. Recruit NOW to set the pace in your organization.
  • Lead by enthusiasm. Your “can do” attitude is contagious. Believe that you can earn any challenge and that all your Members can earn it, too.
  • Lead by explanation. Explain the program to every single new Member you recruit.
  • Lead by education. Make sure every Member on your team understands this program. You do not want them leaving the money on the table. Explain how they can earn your company’s challenge.
  • Lead by encouragement. Let Members know that they CAN earn this incentive. Encourage them to go for it by recruiting three new Members NOW.
  • Lead by equipping. Help Members who want to make this challenge set a plan of action. Ask them how often you want them to check in with you.
  • Lead by expectation. You know that everyone in your organization could, if they do the work, earn this challenge. You know that with effort, every leader in your organization could help others grow a business.  Set the expectation that every business-building Member would not want to miss this incentive.
  • Lead with vision. Paint a picture of what the future will look like when your team members make the challenge. Always paint them in the picture.

Your challenge is to go through this list of eight ways to lead and challenge yourself to do more. You are your yardstick. How will you become a better leader?

What Are Leaders from Other Companies Doing?

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