Bring out the Best in Others

by Janet Daniels.

Have you ever noticed that successful leaders know how to bring out the best in others?  They seem to have a knack for creating high performers. Have you ever had a leader who brought out best in you?  I was fortunate in my early years, to have a leader who role modeled this […]

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Be Ready for January

by Janet Daniels.

Keeping momentum through the holidays can be tough. Many times our December goal is to be ready for the holidays on time and we tell ourselves, “I’ll just wait until January to plan for the new year.  There are things you can do during the holidays to insure that your January will have […]

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Why Recruit Now? You Can Find People in December

by Dana Phillips

Most people in direct sales will tell you that it is a pretty well known FACT that unless you are working your direct selling business full time, things are starting to slow down.  You are busy with other things, you tell yourself that you will “start strong” in 2015, or you just think […]

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Three Reasons for Leadership Development [Video]

By Dana Phillips

As a direct selling leader, you want to grow a team.  Even more importantly, you want to grow leaders who will grow their teams.  Developing a team of leaders is only going to happen when you have a system.

There are many reasons for promoting leaders, but three of them stand out.  Click here […]

Invest Your Sales Earning

by Mary McLoughlin

Will your November Check be the biggest ever?

Are you riding high? November is the #1 selling month for direct sellers, so I bet you are eagerly awaiting your November check! What will you do with the extra $$$? Will you share it, have a fabulous holiday season or bless others with donations? Will […]

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Three Tips to Walk the Leader Tightrope [Video]

by Dana Phillips.

As a direct sales leader, you are constantly in the position of balancing your needs with your work load.  Do I spend time on personal sales?  FInding new leaders?  Working with my team?  Building leaders?  The list goes on and on.

Here are three important tips to support you in walking the leader tight […]

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Living Your Attitude of Gratitude

Three words seem to be bubbling up everywhere this week:  grateful, thankful, and appreciative.  Most of us want to live by these more often in our daily lives; we want them to become a natural part of our daily mantra.  Besides having a powerful and positive influence on those around you, they even have some […]

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Handling the Mess of Success [Video]

This time of year, there are many direct sales success stories.  You are in your prime selling season, new leaders are stepping up, and you sometimes feel like you are on the verge of collapse and can’t wait for the holidays.

This is a good reason to celebrate!  Would you rather be crying in your Ramen […]

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How Do You Change Someone’s Life?

by Mary McLoughlin.

Offer them a gift.

What do you say when you share your opportunity to make it all about the other person?

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Why Consultants Want To Join Your Business NOW

by Mary McLoughlin.

Here are some of the important reasons why you can still focus on recruiting between now and the end of the year.  The Top 10 Reasons People Want to Join a Direct Selling Company in November and December:

10. They like you!

9. They love your product!

8. They can include the ‘big news’ about their new business […]

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