Why Talk about January Now?

After many years of working in the direct selling profession, I have seen a pattern emerge year after year.  You hope that January will be great, right?  Hope is not a strategy. Fast forward to March of next year.

(Scooby Doo music here)

November sales were spectacular!  I was so busy selling I didn’t recruit.

December sales […]

Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did

As a child, you often learn the limits of life through the pain that you experience.  You don’t touch hot things, you work to not fall down because it hurts, you stop throwing tantrums because of social disapproval.  As an adult, you try to bring your life lessons to others so they don’t have […]

Three Benefits of Working on January Now

One of my favorite Aesop’s fables, the ant and the grasshopper, comes to mind this time of year. If you are in direct sales, it’s easy to live like a grasshopper right now.  Your company has primed everything to make sales easy in the fall season.  And your customers are buying like crazy. And […]

January Sales Success is a State of Mind

You can easily feel victimized by your business at the end of January.  You feel like you have no control because of the weather, sick kids, money woes, and team members who want to move on.

Now think about the January you want to create.  Doesn’t look the same, does it? This January is one […]

Get Up to Full Speed for January

If you were challenged to go out and personally sell $10,000 next week, you would be hard pressed to do it.  Even if you were offered double your normal commission, you probably couldn’t do it.

If you were challenged to go out and sell $10,000 during the second week of January, you could make it […]

How to love Mondays…

Mondays are my favorite day of the week. I know, I know, you think I must be crazy! Mondays are the days I get to start over. Whatever happened last week is done and it’s fresh beginning time. Think about it. When did you start your last diet, exercise routine or new job? I […]

Keeping It Together ‘On the Go’

Does it ever feel like you live in your car? Family life and a direct selling business business can really keep you on the move. Between school runs, car pools, home and business errands, networking, meetings and selling events, you are never home! Staying on top of all the areas of your life can […]

Handling Rejection

When building a business, there are times when you have to do things that make you uncomfortable. Asking people to have a party, set an appointment or join your business may be some of those things. Let’s think about it, one of the reasons you don’t want to do this may be because you’re […]

Handling Interruptions

Interruptions are coming at us from all directions and from many different people and devices all day long? Studies show that for every interruption you have, it takes 15 minutes to recover and refocus.  It’s a wonder you get anything done, isn’t it?

So what do you do to keep interruptions to a minimum?  Here […]

What Direct Seller Needs a Performance Coach?

Performance coaches abound in many fields of top players. Any athlete who competes at a high level has a performance coach.  If you think about people training for the Olympics, they wouldn’t dream of working without a coach. Most professional musicians and artist use performance coaches on a regular basis.

Many corporations provide performance coaching […]

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