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Getting Your Team to Meetings

By Janet Daniels

How many times have you had a team meeting and were disappointed because you thought more people were coming than actually did?  We’ve all felt that way, haven’t we?

Here are three things to think about to help get your team to meetings.

Recruiting – When my meeting attendance was down, I learned to look […]

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Ten Social Media Rules of Etiquette for Direct Sellers

by Dana Phillips.

Wow!  Last week I wrote a post on Facebook that sparked a huge list of issues.  This is all I wrote:  “I am going to write some blogs on etiquette for direct sellers. What are some issues you face?”  After I read more than forty comments, I realized this is a big topic!  […]

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Getting A Callback [Video]

by Dana Phillips.

Not that long ago, you wouldn’t worry too much about getting a call back from one of your team members.  After all, you would see them at a meeting, say something to them, and the problem would be solved.  With most team meetings being done virtually, it’s not so easy.  Here are some […]

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Set Record-Breaking Conference Registrations!

by Mary McLoughlin.

May has arrived.  It’s time to plan for a spectacular, fun filled summer! Your team is busy planning their vacation, their children’s camps and more. As the team leader, you want to be sure their plans include attending your company’s National Conference. This simple three question system will help you create powerful invitations […]

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Timely Guides for Summer Selling [Video]

By Dana Phillips.

I found it much too easy to let go of the important and focus on the urgent when summertime arrived. My teaching husband (who had lots of time in the summer), my children, vacations, and gorgeous weather all took precedence over my business.  That is, until I stopped bringing in the income I […]

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Summertime Preparation in May

by Janet Daniels.

I learned from experience what it’s like to be unprepared for the summer months. My first summer as a leader taught me a big lesson. I had lots of fun doing activities with the kids, taking a vacation to the coast and enjoying several camping trips. It was all fun except for the […]

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

by Mary McLoughlin.

May is the perfect month to launch your summer team challenge. Getting people excited before the lazy days of summer arrive is the secret to a strong business all summer long. One of the favorite summer themes revolves around baseball. Everyone on the team works toward a ‘Grand Slam’ summer.  Pick a few […]

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The Importance of Solitude [Video]

By Dana Phillips.

I love people and usually the more the merrier!  What I’ve discovered, however, is that some things are better done alone.

If I’m trying to concentrate and find the thought behind the thought, I need some solitude.  I need the opportunity to ask myself questions like “What do I really want?”

Solitude also lets me […]

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The Importance of Alone Time

By Janet Daniels.

It took me a long time to realize the importance of alone time.  With a busy business and family, I didn’t have time for alone time. I loved the action and energy of being with people. So, I was out holding parties, doing sponsoring interviews, holding meetings, being at games and events for […]

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Being with Just Me

Is your life filled with people, places and things? I know mine is and I love to pay attention to every single one! The challenge to this way of life is that I have a tendency to become reactive instead of proactive. I react to everyone else’s priorities and needs. Maybe it looks a bit […]

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