Living Your Attitude of Gratitude

Three words seem to be bubbling up everywhere this week:  grateful, thankful, and appreciative.  Most of us want to live by these more often in our daily lives; we want them to become a natural part of our daily mantra.  Besides having a powerful and positive influence on those around you, they even have some […]

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Handling the Mess of Success [Video]

This time of year, there are many direct sales success stories.  You are in your prime selling season, new leaders are stepping up, and you sometimes feel like you are on the verge of collapse and can’t wait for the holidays.

This is a good reason to celebrate!  Would you rather be crying in your Ramen […]

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How Do You Change Someone’s Life?

by Mary McLoughlin.

Offer them a gift.

What do you say when you share your opportunity to make it all about the other person?

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Why Consultants Want To Join Your Business NOW

by Mary McLoughlin.

Here are some of the important reasons why you can still focus on recruiting between now and the end of the year.  The Top 10 Reasons People Want to Join a Direct Selling Company in November and December:

10. They like you!

9. They love your product!

8. They can include the ‘big news’ about their new business […]

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A No Fail January Starts in YOUR Head

Here are some practical tips for those of you in party plan companies who have been reading our blog about preparing for January.

Set a goal to hold parties. How many will you hold?
Book like crazy, and then add a few more. Book twice as many as you want to hold. Offer a bonus gift for […]

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Getting Ready for January

Have you ever finished out your year in December and felt like everything was rolling! After enjoying a great holiday season, you got back to your business in January and realized that the parties you thought you were going to hold postponed, the new consultants who were going to join after the holidays decided not […]

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Either Way, You Decide Today

Today, you decide about your January performance.  There are really two choices.  You decide to start thinking about it now or you decide to not start now.  Your choice has an incredible effect on the final results.

If you are starting now, your ability to shape the final result is powerful.  Imagine:

January is one of your […]

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Why Talk about January Now?

After many years of working in the direct selling profession, I have seen a pattern emerge year after year.  You hope that January will be great, right?  Hope is not a strategy. Fast forward to March of next year.

(Scooby Doo music here)

November sales were spectacular!  I was so busy selling I didn’t recruit.

December sales were […]

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Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did

As a child, you often learn the limits of life through the pain that you experience.  You don’t touch hot things, you work to not fall down because it hurts, you stop throwing tantrums because of social disapproval.  As an adult, you try to bring your life lessons to others so they don’t have to […]

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Three Benefits of Working on January Now

One of my favorite Aesop’s fables, the ant and the grasshopper, comes to mind this time of year. If you are in direct sales, it’s easy to live like a grasshopper right now.  Your company has primed everything to make sales easy in the fall season.  And your customers are buying like crazy. And your […]

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