Want Better Planning? Approach It Like a Coach

By Neil Phillips. Several of the International Coach Federation’s Core Competencies are about designing actions, planning and goal setting.  When you approach planning like a coach, you will see things that you normally miss.  You will often create better plans by embracing the tension inherent in the planning process. Be curious about that tension.  Since [...]

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Are You Focused on Today or Tomorrow?

By Neil Phillips. Nearly every hard-driving leader I've ever met has picked a singular goal for themselves.  You want to get product out the door; you want to have a smooth production system; you want to create a business that stands the model on its head. You want to make your mark. What if you [...]

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Three Steps to Getting Back in Control

By Neil Phillips. Reinhold Niebuhr wrote a prayer that, among other things, became adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous as well as other recovery programs.  It goes like this: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” When calm enough, [...]

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Close More Recruiting Conversations!

When it comes to inviting people to join you in the business, most sellers have two problems.  One is opening yourself up to have conversations with people and the other one is the "ask."  If you don't ask, you seldom will find someone to go beyond the interview phase.  Just like selling your products, you [...]

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Who Are You Kidding?

By Dana Phillips. I have a coach to support me in my weight loss process.  Part of my commitment is to be more active.  When I started, I set a goal to increase my number of steps by 500 per day every week.  I moved from 3,000 to 8,000 steps a day which was pretty great [...]

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Own Your Life

We sometimes hear or see phrases that put significance to our lives.  As a coach, I love short, powerful expressions.  I recently saw one of those, and I stopped what I was doing to write it down.  The phrase was “own your life.” I was attending a coaching convention and, at one of the general sessions, [...]

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Seats are limited! Register today! How to Recruit 5-6 People in the Next 6 Weeks without Being Pushy

This is the FREE Webinar You Have Been Waiting For! IF you are a direct seller and you aren’t recruiting EVERY SINGLE WEEK; IF you struggle with recruiting, we know the three big reasons that are blocking you from building a giant team; IF you don’t want to be pushy, we know how to teach you [...]

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Change Your Language About Time

By Neil Phillips. The way we describe things affects what we think, do, and feel about our activities.  Time management is no exception.  You can get bogged down in the details OR lean back satisfied that the plan is fleshed out feel as if everything is pointless OR live in the certainty that the universe is [...]

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5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Coach

By Dana Phillips. You know coaching works.  You've reached a point where you feel stuck and want to hire a coach to get you moving again.  If you haven’t hired a coach before (or even if you have), you may be concerned about what you’re getting into and receiving value for your money. Once you know a [...]

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