• Being by myself

Being with Just Me

Is your life filled with people, places and things? I know mine is and I love to pay attention to every single one! The challenge to this way of life is that I have a tendency to become reactive instead of proactive. I react to everyone else’s priorities and needs. Maybe it looks a bit […]

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Time Saving Tip for Food Preparation [Video]

By Dana Phillips

We sometimes forget that the little things that you do, day in and day out, can save you time and money.  And while it may not seem like much at the time, the savings can be quite significant when you add them up.

When I had five children at home and was managing a […]

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  • Time saving tips for family dining

Time Saving Tips in the Kitchen

by Janet Daniels.

Having a business and raising a family can be crazy sometimes. Trying to feed the family healthy meals when everyone’s going in different directions can be challenging. Here are some of the things I did to help save time in the kitchen.


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Save Time in the Kitchen: Cook in Multiples

by Mary McLoughlin.

Part of the reason I loved my direct selling business was because it let me spend time doing things for my family.  BUT that doesn’t mean I wanted to spend that time in the kitchen when other alternatives were available.  My challenge was to let my family see my involvement while being efficient […]

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The Biggest Lesson I had to Learn [Video]

By Dana Phillips

I once had a friend tell me that direct sales is one of the best courses in self-improvement that life had to offer.  I couldn’t agree more.

I love to work and I love being self-employed.  When you put a direct sales business in front of me, I forgot all about why I was […]

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My Biggest Lesson in Direct Selling

by Janet Daniels.

When I joined direct selling, I had no prior experience or skills that would give me confidence that I could create a direct sales business. I told my recruiter that I doubted that I could sell anything but I’d try it. I didn’t have confidence that I could even book a party, much […]

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  • Becoming a better leader

Biggest Lesson I Had to Learn

By Mary McLoughlin

If I had to describe it in one sentence, here it is.  The biggest lesson I had to learn was that my way is not always the best way.

I began my business by reaching for the stars… all of them! I desired every trinket, trip and award my company put before me and […]

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Turning Off Your Business [Video]

By Dana Phillips.

One of the hardest things for direct sellers to do is to stop working.  If you are doing your business right, you are always excited by the people you meet, the products you sell, and all of the fulfillment that you get.  Pretty soon you start thinking and talking about it whenever there […]

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  • Loving my life

How did you turn it off?

Like many of you, I loved my business. I loved building a field organization; working with my team and helping others reach their dreams and goals. Moreover, I loved the recognition. It was easy for me to work a lot because I loved what I was doing. It was hard to turn it off. Before […]

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Work Hard, Play Hard and the Art of Setting Boundaries

by Mary McLoughlin.

The thrill and excitement of my direct selling business was compelling.  I LOVED to hold parties, talk on the phone with my customers and team.  I had my company logo plastered everywhere, even on my children’s T-shirts!  My passion became consuming.  I went to bed thinking about creative ways to grow my business […]

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