Is it Time for a Leadership Time Out?

Do you ever have a day when you feel ‘out of control’ in your business? Does it feel like you are on a racetrack running from one urgent task to the next? Do you ever miss a deadline or forget to call someone? Are you over your head ‘in the emotion’ of your business? […]

Summertime Fun for your Team

It’s Summer! It’s time to have fun! Keeping lots of fun in your business during the summer helps keep your team members engaged! Here’s 3 thought starters you may want to do to use for your team.

Scavenger Hunt for Leads – Challenge your team to “hunt” for leads everywhere they go, getting names, phone […]

Recruiting Starts with YOU

When you are curious about people and ask them curious questions, amazing things happen.  Here are some clues for you to use to raise your awareness of people who might benefit from your business opportunity.

Someone who loves your product:  The majority of people who sign up for a direct selling company have a love […]

Summertime Leadership

It’s “summertime and the living is easy!” We’ve all heard those lines and understand them. The beach, pool, vacations, no school, camping, holidays and more make the summer fun! Having the flexibility to do these things, is the reason why many choose a direct selling business. So, what do you do when your team […]

Follow-Up For the Opportunity Calls

We have shared some thoughts on planning, preparing, and using opportunity calls to build your business.  We all have heard the saying, “the fortune is in the follow-up”. That is so true when you conduct an opportunity call.

Schedule time for follow-up.  Before the call block time to connect with people on the call.  Set […]

Tools and Direct Selling Leaders

My dad was a handy man.  He did most of the work building our first home in 1955.  He did plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, and my brother tells stories about laying the hardwood floors with him after school.

Some of my earliest memories were in our garage “helping” Dad. I learned a lot about tools. […]

Before Your Opportunity Call: Six Tips

Somewhere I learned that an ounce of planning prevented a pound of aspirin.  When you are planning an opportunity call here are six tips to create the synergy you need.

Set a date and time at least two weeks in advance.  You will want time to promote the call with your prospects as well as […]

Direct Selling Leaders: Three Myths about Opportunity Calls

Everyone wants to add people to their teams and there are many effective ways to share the information about your unique business opportunity.  Webinars, videos, social media, live events, one on one meetings, three way calls and opportunity calls are just a few of the ways direct sellers reach their potential new team members.

Opportunity […]

Dealing with Overwhelm as a Direct Selling Leader

When you get overwhelmed, do you lash out at others, or shut down?  Either way, you are not bringing your best self to the table.

Here are three simple steps to get out of “overwhelm”.

Breathe.  Really, take a deep breath and breathe out slowly.
Remind yourself that you are only human.

Ask, “What can I let go?”

It […]

Direct Selling Leadership: Work On You!

One of the keys in growing leadership acumen is to work on you. Do you want to be a better leader? Do an inventory of your own leadership skills.  Be honest.

Do I listen to my team?

Do I know what they want?

Do I ask what their goals are?

How do they know I am listening?

Do I […]