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5 Things to De-Stress December

By Dana Phillips For a leader in direct sales, December can be a bit overwhelming.  Besides your personal business, there is your team, your family, and a fleeting desire to soak in a hot bathtub some time.  While I can’t guarantee any of your holiday wishes, here are five things you can do that will [...]

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3 Things to Show More Gratitude

With Thanksgiving coming in just a couple of days, our thoughts naturally turn towards being grateful.  Last year, Neil Phillips wrote about Living Your Life of Gratitude and Two Nonsmarmy Reasons for Gratitude.  This is my opportunity to share a few ideas this year. Amazing things happen to you when you are grateful.  Neil referenced [...]

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Why Recruit Now?

By Janet Daniels Recruiting is the Answer! How many times have you heard that phrase! Well, it’s really the truth! No matter what the question is in the direct sales profession, recruiting is the answer. Let me share with you why. Wouldn’t you agree that recruiting gives you more team members? The more team members [...]

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Have You Ever Wished You Were the Boss?

By Mary McLoughlin As a direct selling leader, we sometimes feel powerless to get our team on the move. There were definitely moments in my direct selling business when I wanted to exercise my authority with my team.  If they ‘worked’ for me, they would have to make the phone calls or they would no [...]

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Take the High Road [Video]

By Dana Phillips. Have you noticed that when you get really, really busy that your tolerance for a difference of opinion goes down?  It’s at times like these that your leadership capacity has an opportunity to grow. At the times that it’s toughest, you need to take the high road and do what’s right.  When [...]

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Three Actions to Get Out of Overwhelm

By Janet Daniels. Have you ever felt overwhelmed?  If you have, it’s no wonder!  Feeling overwhelmed has become a part of life.  Recently, I found myself feeling overwhelmed and knew I needed to take steps to get out of it. Here are 3 things that helped me and may help you the next time you [...]

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Does “I’m too busy” Kill Your Pitch?

By Mary McLoughlin. How many times have you heard “I’m too busy” as the reason a prospect doesn’t want to host a party, schedule an appointment or join your business? How do you respond? Many times in my direct selling business, I let that objection be the end of the conversation, or I responded with [...]

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3 Rules for the Disorganized [Video]

By Dana Phillips. I’ll admit it in the very first sentence of this post.  I struggle with organization.  This time of year I struggle more than other times.  My attention is split in so many directions that I have trouble staying organized and my office shows it. A long time ago I learned that Neil [...]

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3 Options for Dealing with Stress [Video]

This is the time of year when stress starts to show its ugly head.  Direct sales are booming and every one on your team wants your attention and the company is hinting that there may be backorders and your new leader is getting cold feet and the school wants you to come in about your [...]

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15 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Lead Change

By Janet Daniels. What is your reaction when you hear the word “change?”  For some of you, it’s “bring it on!” For others, it’s “oh no, not again!”  Change is inevitable and one thing we can be sure of is there will always be change. Whether you are initiating the change or someone else is, [...]

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