Recruiting or Sponsoring: What is Holding You Back?

You can call it recruiting, sponsoring, enrolling, or team-building.  The concept of signing others up in your direct selling business is pretty much the same in every network marketing and party plan company.

It isn’t complicated.

Notice that I didn’t say it is easy.

To be successful you have to ask, invite, present, converse, answer questions, and […]

How Much is a Coach Worth?

Would you like to hire a coach for two months and determine how much you will pay?  That’s my offer to you. On Tuesday, I posted an entry in our blog called, Looking for a Little Coaching?  I wanted hours of coaching experience and I know there are coaching clients out there. The offer […]

Looking for a Little Coaching?

Want a coach in your corner?  Do I have an offer for you!

I’m looking for direct sellers who want to give coaching a stab for a short time (2 months) and at a greatly reduced fee.*  I can guarantee that the rate will be less than half of my normal coaching fee.  (For most […]

Conference Call Logistics

Some of you asked for resources for conference calling.  We have had great experiences with several providers.  This is a service that is free to you. Each participant calls and pays for their call. You are provided with up to 100 lines and you may call at any time. This service is free to […]

Conference Calls That Rock: Planning

When you think of conference calls that you lead, which describes you best?

I’m a “winger”. I just wing it.
I do the calls myself because it is just easier than getting people to help.
I send out an agenda.
What conference call?

On our First Friday Leadership call last week, we looked at the purpose of your conference […]

We’re Begging You, PLEASE!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we don’t do the sensational headline thing.  In this case, we want to hear from you.

This summer we’ll be offering a 6 part webinar series to support you in taking your business to the next level.  The webinars will be live for those who can make […]

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    Direct Selling Leaders: Ten Etiquette Tips for Leading Conference Calls

Direct Selling Leaders: Ten Etiquette Tips for Leading Conference Calls

We looked at conference call etiquette for those who attend calls.  It is even more important for direct selling leaders to be at their best in conference calls.  On Friday, April 4, I will lead a call on First Friday, our live leadership training call.  You will learn how to make your conference calls […]

Direct Selling: Ten Tips for Conference Call Etiquette

If you are in direct sales, you participate in conference calls. Whether you lead calls, attend calls, or both, there are some unspoken rules of etiquette that will benefit everyone by being said.  Feel free to share these tips with your team. They will be great reminders for established members, and good training for […]

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    The Fortune is in The Follow Up: 10 Tips that Will Guarantee They Follow Up!

The Fortune is in The Follow Up: 10 Tips that Will Guarantee They Follow Up!

The event ends, the leads are distributed and everyone heads home, tired…

All of a sudden it’s a week later and no one has the contacted their leads. Here are my top 10 strategies to guarantee follow-up.

Repeat, repeatedly at every possible opportunity “Our team follows up all their leads within 24 hours of the event.”
Have […]

Team Connections: We’re Growing Up

Team Connections began a little over ten years ago because of our passion for quality leadership in direct sales.  As our offerings and attention has shifted over the years, we redesigned the website to reflect that emphasis.  We’re starting to feel a little more grown-up.  We’d love for you to visit and get to […]