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by Dana Phillips.

One of our freedoms is economic.

As a direct seller, you have the freedom to sell.

The freedom to choose your own business.

The freedom to give yourself a raise or take some time off.

The freedom to choose friendships.

AND: you have the freedom to choose fun!

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Enjoy your Independence Day […]

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Having Fun is Good Leadership

By Janet Daniels.

Think about the greatest team you’ve ever been on. It may have been a sports team, debate team, dance team, work team or any other team. What was it about that team that set it apart from others? What I’ve learned is that leaders who create a positive environment and have fun are […]

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The Discipline of Leaders [Video]

by Mary McLoughlin

Leaders learn to discipline themselves to become the type of leader that others will want to follow.

The most effective leaders all have one thing in common; they lead a disciplined life.

Is discipline your guiding light or a dirty word?

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Perhaps discipline is your missing piece that will […]

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The Importance of Summer Selling [Video]

By Dana Phillips.

Is your direct sales business a real business or a hobby?  Depending on how you answer that question, your summer business becomes important in a whole new light.

If you are running a business, then:

Your summer sales are important take up the slack left by part-timers who aren’t working very much this season.
You want […]

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Create Your Best Summer Ever!

By Janet Daniels.

Summer is fun! How many times have you heard that phrase lately?  Are you wondering how that’s going to happen when the kids are out of school, schedules are changing, vacations are coming up and you really don’t know what you’re going to do to keep your business going?

While summer is fun, it […]

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Pre-Vacation Productivity RUSH

by Mary McLoughlin.

It’s almost here, the best week of the year – vacation!

And you are in hyper-speed! The laundry is caught up, the car is packed, the plans and reservations are made and you are ready to take off!

What about your business? Have you been the super-natural speed queen in your office, too? It’s amazing […]

Summer is Coming [Video]

By Dana Phillips

Sometimes I feel like Paul Revere felt about the British.

Summer is coming!

Summer is coming!

To arms!  Summer is coming!

Let’s face it, when summer arrives, our approach to direct sales changes.  Between camps, clubs, sports, and vacations, you (and your clients) are approaching your time differently.

As a direct seller, you have to start the summer […]

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Making the Most of Conference

By Janet Daniels.

As a new leader, I looked at Conference as a time for me to have fun with my friends, get new ideas for my business and take a break from my business schedule. As my team grew and as I grew as a Leader, I realized that conference wasn’t about me and what […]

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Use Your Summer Mojo to Find Your Sales Leads

by Mary McLoughlin.

It’s really here – SUMMER! The kids are out of school, the pools are open and direct sellers are ready to kick back and have some fun! Let’s explore three simple steps we can take to turn that summer mojo into some super summer leads!

1. Be prepared: Take one afternoon to set up […]

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My Hardest Lesson in Direct Sales.

by Dana Phillips.

Zig Ziglar once referred to sales as one of the greatest instructors in life skills.  I certainly think he is correct.  Once you’ve been in direct sales for a while, you learn a lot of insights into other people that make your life work better.  More importantly, you learn some of those hard […]