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Making Everyone on Your Team Feel Needed

By Janet Daniels.

All of our teams are made up of different people. Some love to sell; others are strong recruiters. Some aspire to become leaders while others would rather not commit to a promotion. Some are top performers while others are hobbyists. Every one of them is important to the success of your team. So, […]

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Create a Leadership Habit: Make Today Matter

by Mary McLoughlin.

Strong habits that build great leaders begin with how you use each day.  Do you structure each day or just let it happen?  Do you take time to decide how to spend each day?  Do you end each day evaluating how you did?  What makes a great day for a leader?

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My Birthday Wishes for You [Video]

By Dana Phillips

One of the greatest birthday traditions is getting to make a wish or two.  You never know what can happen when you make your wishes and you keep doing it year after year.

Well, guess what?  It’s my birthday (July23) and I get to make the wishes!  My wishes are for you.

I wish that […]

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The Difference Between Inspiring and Motivating Your Team

by Janet Daniels.

How many times have you said to yourself, “I can’t get my team motivated? They just don’t want to work.”  It’s a frustrating thought and many times we blame ourselves for not being a good motivator or leader. Most leaders have similar thoughts at some point in their career and I did, too.

The […]

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No Place for Gossip [Video]

by Dana Phillips.

When you don’t see team members very much, it’s nice to just talk and reestablish a friendship.  Unfortunately, “just talk” can easily turn into gossip and pretty soon produce a destructive atmosphere.  We sometimes justify our behaviors by saying things like “I’m just passing on what I heard,” and that is the very […]

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Pop the Top and Watch Your Business Explode!

by Mary McLoughlin.

Do you ever feel like you just can’t quite break through that next level in your business? That next promotion always seems just outside your reach, no matter how hard you work?

Break through can be your reality when you discover the lid that is holding you back. Imagine that your team is inside […]

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Having Fun with Summer Recruiting

By Janet Daniels.

Summer is the perfect time to recruit lots of new consultants. You just have to focus on it everywhere you go.  Here are some tips that will make summer recruiting fun.

Give yourself a “check up from the neck up”, as Zig Ziglar always said. Make sure your recruiting attitude is in tiptop shape.  […]

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Become a Booking Coach

By Mary McLoughlin.

How many times have you heard or said; “I can’t get any bookings or appointments?”

It is probably the #1 frustration that direct selling leaders tell us they hear from their teams. And it frustrates you, their leader, because you really want to help. Perhaps you have offered many suggestions of ways to find […]

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by Dana Phillips.

One of our freedoms is economic.

As a direct seller, you have the freedom to sell.

The freedom to choose your own business.

The freedom to give yourself a raise or take some time off.

The freedom to choose friendships.

AND: you have the freedom to choose fun!

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Enjoy your Independence Day […]

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Having Fun is Good Leadership

By Janet Daniels.

Think about the greatest team you’ve ever been on. It may have been a sports team, debate team, dance team, work team or any other team. What was it about that team that set it apart from others? What I’ve learned is that leaders who create a positive environment and have fun are […]

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