Is Your Why Sublime?

By Neil Phillips. Why I write this today:  I'm sometimes a bit wonky, and today I probably prove it several times over.  In sales (and life), we need to understand our motivations. If we don't think about our deepest desires and how they drive us, we are bound up in an unsatisfied and brutish existence.  We [...]

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How Much Praise is Enough?

By Neil Phillips. I don’t think we realize how powerful we are in creating our environment.  As a coach, I often have to support my client’s in raising their awareness about the role that they play in their surroundings.  As their awareness grows, their productivity and satisfaction leap to new heights. When you realize how [...]

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Direct Sales Coaching: 10 Questions to Increase Productivity

By Dana Phillips. Telling someone over and over what to do is not as effective with adults.  Adults learn more by internalizing: taking what they know, adding it to their experience, and planning their next move. You can use coaching questions to let your team member explore her own approach to booking at a party.  [...]

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Say What? Three Tips to Listen for What is NOT Said

By Neil Phillips. As a coach, I am continually working on my listening skills.  All coaches do.  We check, repeat, and rephrase our clients’ words to make sure we are hearing them.  We work with clients on their listening skills.  In business, in families, and in communities, better listening creates better communication. I'm happy to say that [...]

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21 Questions to Ignite Your High Performers

By Neil Phillips. How would you ignite a high performer to create a high-performance team?  I was talking with an executive about someone she thought would really grow through coaching.  I asked her an obvious question, “What would you like to see happen?”  Her answer was “I really like to see her develop a high-performance [...]

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How to Maximize Your Impact on Your Team.

By Neil Phillips. The usual answer is along the lines of “I need to tighten the reins of control.”  That means clearer organizational charts, roles, responsibilities, and micro-managing.  For most people, this is a recipe for disaster.  You will alienate their teams, undercut their development, and create an environment in which people are content to meet [...]

How to Get Your Team Members Personally Motivated

By Dana Phillips. The word motivation comes from the root word for “motor” or movement and interestingly also the same root for emotion.  As a leader you can influence others to actions, you can create an environment that taps into personal growth and achievement, but you really can’t “motivate” a team member to get up and [...]

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Post Convention Coaching for Success

By Neil Phillips. Summertime is convention time for direct selling leaders, future leaders, and top producers.  They get to see the fall product line and incentives, network with friends from across the country, recognize the best-of-the-best performers and attend the best training that their company can offer.  And they often return home with their heads [...]

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Happy Half New Year!

By Neil Phillips We all make New Year’s resolutions.  We have blue sky dreams of what our business is going to become. We also have high hopes of being debt-free, skinny, and in love with life. By now, the hot sun has burned any remnant of those dreams.  Your calendar year is half done.  Your [...]

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