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You Can’t Promote Managers by Using a Cookie Cutter

By Dana Phillips.

I want to talk about baking cookies for a minute.  While you have a recipe, each batch doesn’t come out the same.  The same is true when it comes to promoting leaders.

You start with a recipe—your plan and your system.  You start by asking yourself, “What does it take to create a great […]

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You Need a Pool of Prospectives to Promote

By Janet Daniels.

How many of you returned from your conference this summer wanting to promote to a higher level in your company?  The recognition, income and benefits of those levels are exciting.  The problem is that you are more excited about your pending promotion than anyone else on your team.  When you stop, step back, […]

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Keep Your Calendar Full During Back to School Times

By Mary McLoughlin.

The bell has rung and the kids are back in school. You are eager to fill up your calendar with parties and appointments. You may even have called the school to get all the upcoming dates for open houses, meet the teacher night, etc. You know that there will be a soccer parent […]

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Three Reflections on School Starting and Your Sales Business [Video]

By Dana Phillips.

With school just starting this fall, you are in an opportune space to think about your direct selling business.  When the seasons change, you are at that perfect place to stop and look around you.  You have an opportunity to be mindful about when you have been, where you are, and where you […]

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Tips to Creating a Strong Fall

by Janet Daniels.

For most of you, conference has come and gone. You can feel momentum on your team and it is an exciting time as everyone is getting ready for their fall business!

Now, is the perfect time to connect with your team members and find out what they want from their business for the rest […]

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What’s Holding You Back?

By Neil Phillips.

Yesterday, the Team Connections’ coaches hosted a webinar titled, “What’s Holding You Back from Promoting?”  Over 600 people were interested enough in the question that they signed up for the webinar.

Have you thought about the answer to that question in your business?  The question is not about you moving up the ladder with […]

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Duplicate Your Leaders!

by Mary McLoughlin.

Duplication is key in any direct selling business and it happens best with clear systems. Did you know that you could create a system to duplicate leaders?

I often hear my clients complaining about how hard it is to find people who want to really build a business. They say, “Why can’t I find […]

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Keep the Fire Burning

By Dana Phillips.

I just visited family in Vermont to get away from the triple digit heat of Texas and I slept by the wood stove every night. We didn’t use it, but it got me thinking about this time of year.  The kids are almost back to school.  Hopefully your team members are thinking about […]

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The Difference Between Coaching and Training

By Janet Daniels.

Have you ever thought about the difference between training and coaching? There was a time in my leadership journey that I thought “coaching” meant telling someone what I did or sharing ideas on what they should do to book more parties, recruit more team members or promote more leaders.  Or it meant that […]

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What do you Really, Really Want?

by Mary McLoughlin.

Have you ever been frustrated because you missed your goal when the team didn’t perform the way they needed to for you to promote, or reach the next trip level? Achieving goals as a leader is very different from achieving goals as a consultant. Leader’s goals often depend on the performance of the […]

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