Handling Rejection

by Janet Daniels.

The new year has begun.  It’s always a time of anticipation, reviewing your dreams and setting new goals for the year.  You’re excited and you know that you will reach those goals!

Then reality sets in.  The weather turns bad, parties/appointments cancel, team members aren’t active, recruiting prospects who you’re following up with aren’t […]

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Becoming the Leader That Everyone will Follow.

by Mary McLoughlin.

I will never forget the painful day when I received a letter from my first leader that began, “Will you please just listen?’

It was my first awareness that everyone did not think, behave or lead like me. I am a Driver, the type of person who is all about results. As a leader, […]

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Sharing Without Attachment [Video]

By Dana Phillips.

Who hasn’t second-guessed themselves?  And it seems like the more important the occasion, the more that we doubt who we are and what we are doing.

The problem is that you get attached to the outcome.  Once your fears start to creep in, it’s hard to avoid the attachments:  She hates me.  What’s wrong […]

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Keeping a Positive Attitude

by Janet Daniels

It’s easy to keep a positive attitude when everything is going great, isn’t it?  Your business is rolling, the family is doing great and there’s no major challenges going on in your life. It’s easy to stay positive and excited when all is well! What is your attitude like when things aren’t going […]

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Motivation or Inspiration?

by Mary McLoughlin

Make this your year to follow through on those resolutions.

Stay excited; learn the truth about keeping motivated!

I LOVE being surrounded by motivated people and, boy, is my gym filled with them this week! I wonder how many will still be around in March?

How about you, did you make a New Year’s resolution? The […]

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This is My Year [video]

by Dana Phillips

Don’t we all start a new year with words like this:  THIS IS MY YEAR!  Well, 2015 is your year.  You have a blank canvas to draw the picture that you want.

To create your picture, you need to be intentional.  Hoping for results is not going to make them happen. Hope is not […]

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Goal Setting for the New Year

by Mary McLoughlin

This year set some Goals instead of Resolutions!

It’s that time of year again when we are all looking toward 2015 with optimistic attitudes. You know the ones: this year I WILL lose weight, this year I WILL complete that remodeling project, this year I WILL make more money, promote, exercise….

You know the drill. […]

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Open Your Business Next Week [Video]

by Mary McLoughlin.

Merry Christmas!

How will you keep the doors open to your business next week?  Here are just a few quick thoughts for next week.


Team Connections is starting a new webinar series in January on Power to Your People. The six sessions are centered on getting new leaders on your team.  You can make the […]

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The Holiday Thrill of New Leaders [Video]

by Dana Phillips.

With the holidays and the end of year fast approaching, you have an opportunity to think about the most exciting people you’ve had a chance to work with this past year.  My guess is that most of them are new and aspiring leaders.

New leaders always keep us thinking, planning, active and stretching.  I […]

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Bring out the Best in Others

by Janet Daniels.

Have you ever noticed that successful leaders know how to bring out the best in others?  They seem to have a knack for creating high performers. Have you ever had a leader who brought out best in you?  I was fortunate in my early years, to have a leader who role modeled this […]

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